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Nadine Kåmark is a bike trials rider from Gothenburg (Sweden). Nadine started to ride trials in 2008 and is today part of the national team.


From 2012-2017 she was studying mechanical engineering at Chalmers University in Gothenburg. She finished her Master in Applied Mechanics in February 2018.


In 2017 she decided to postpone her master thesis half of an year to be
able to focus more on trials and to compete as much as possible during the season 2017. Her goal was to reach the final in at least one of the World Cups.


When she had been in the final at 4
out of 4 World Cups she decided to set a new goal: To reach the podium!


At the 5th and last World Cup Nadine ends up on 3rd place with a big smile on her face.


The world championships 2017 took place in China in November which made Nadine a bit concerned since it overlapped her master thesis. It turned out to not be any problem since Nadine ended up on 2nd place in the UCI trials world championship 2017!


World Ranking



4th - UCI World Championships, Chengdu, China.

10th - UCI World Cup #4, Berlin, Germany.

3rd - UCI World Cup #3, Antwerp, Belgium.

7th - UCI World Cup #2, Val di Sole, Italy.

8th - ECU European Championship, Switzerland.

2nd - UCI World Cup #1, Vöcklabruck, Austria.



2nd - UCI World Championship, Chengdu China!!!

4th - UCI World Cup Total.

3rd - UCI World Cup #5, Antwerp Belgium.

6th - UCI World Cup #4, Albertville France.

6th - UCI World Cup #3, Les Menuries France.

6th - UCI World Cup #2, Vöcklabruck Austria.

5th - UCI World Cup #1, Aalter Belgium.

2nd - Copa Catalana #2, Spain.

2nd - Copa Catalana #1, Spain.



10th - UCI World Cup #6, Antwerp Belgium.

8th - UCI World Cup #1, Krakow Poland.

3rd - Berlin Trials Cup.



10th - UCI World Cups, France.



3th place in the BIU European Championship in Spain.
4th place in the BIU World Championship in Spain and Czech republic.



4th place in the BIU World Championships in France, Spain and Italy.



4th place in the BIU European Championship in Sweden.



5th place in the BIU European Championships in Spain.



Attended my first competition.











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